Friday, 26 September 2014

Men are bigger Shopaholics than women

Men, bigger secret spenders

Interestingly men are actually the biggest secret spenders. They are more likely to lie about their spending and hide items they have purchased from their partners.

 What is shown in reel life does not happen in real life, television shows and films may portray women as shopaholics and big spenders, but men generally spend more per month than women, according to recent analyses of spending data.

Regardless of women’s reputation for being a shopaholic, the research by a leading cash back site reveals that almost double the number of males is shopping online then women. On an average 60% of the orders placed online in a month are by men.

"77% of our user base is male customers. Their average logins are once every week while female customers logins are twice a week which means that guys normally come online to shop and girls just like in offline world, come to check deals and thereby just for Window shopping"  Aman Jain, Director, 

The research also reveals that guys are comfortable buying everything from pen drive to mobiles & Electronics online however girls shopping habits are limited to fashion accessories and in seldom cases home decor.

"The favourite shopping category for men are Mobile accessories and daily grooming essentials" Aman Jain, Director,

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