Saturday, 13 September 2014

Jaypee Hospital lends support to ‘Teal Warriors’ -- a unique Ovarian Cancer Awareness campaign

 The ‘Teal Warrior Campaign’ is the brainchild of an ovarian cancer survivor, and aims to generate awareness and increase consciousness about the deadly disease

·         As young social media users join the campaign and women go Teal this September, Jaypee Hospital is offering special check-up packages for women who desire to get themselves screened for Ovarian Cancer

Noida, September 2, 2014: Ovarian cancer is a highly aggressive disease and one of the deadliest among all gynaecological cancers. However, with its symptoms often mistaken for stomach problems, most women are diagnosed with the disease at later stages, making recovery an uphill task.

To raise awareness about this deadly disease and increase public consciousness about the same, Ritu Bedi, a courageous survivor of ovarian cancer, has initiated a 10-day awareness campaign to get Indian women join hands in the battle against this disease.

Teal is symbolic of ovarian cancer, just as pink is the colour for breast cancer. September is ovarian cancer awareness month, and 5th September is ‘Teal Day’. As women across age, colour and ethnicity come together for this cause, Jaypee Hospital, Noida has come forward to lend its full support to the campaign.

September for Teal calls for women and men across India to post selfies wearing teal colour accessories and makeup on Facebook, with hashtag messages and other call for action statuses. Uniquely designed, the campaign uses a powerful combination of social media, online and print media to get the message out and amplify its impact.

“The idea is to get women to pay attention to symptoms and get checked up and not mistake ovarian cancer for other stomach problems,” says Bedi.

“I believe this is going to be a very impactful female health campaign as it has already generated much curiosity among social media users. As part of the September for Teal campaign we are asking the hospital’s women to wear teal coloured accessories, makeup and nail paint; and post selfies on Facebook to promote the crucial message of this campaign that ‘Early diagnosis saves lives’. When more and more people ask the significance behind teal color, our message will be driven home. We have also set up a separate contact no. (7042395040) for women to understand about this disease and take appointment from our specialists. The women are welcome to get their check-ups done and for this we are offering special discount costs of just Rs. 100/- ,” says Dr. Sandeep Chaddha. Sr. Consultant (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) of  Jaypee Healthcare.

“The symptoms of ovarian cancer are similar to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other stomach problems, and this often leads to confusing of the former’s signs for the latter. It’s a highly aggressive cancer, on the rise in India, and one of the leading causes of women's deaths. Over 50% women get diagnosed in late stages, reducing their chances of survival.  Early detection is crucial and this can happen only if women are made aware,” says Dr. Reenu Jain, MD (Obstetrics & Gynaecology) of Jaypee Hospital, Noida.

As part of the September for Teal campaign, teal parties are being hosted by women for their friends and families over the next ten days. Teal nail painting sessions are in full swing. Each woman will take pictures done in teal theme and post these on Facebook. She will also have to nominate five others to do the same.

The campaign will culminate in a special Nail Art event at Café Moonshine on September 5, which will be open to everyone. Sufi whirling by therapist and dancer Komal Mathur will add to the glamour quotient of this important awareness effort.

Call to Action

Here are some simple steps to show your solidarity with the cause.

Ø  Start by liking the India Teal Warriors page on Facebook.  Then take a selfie with teal coloured makeup, wearing a ribbon, tie, wrist band, earrings, or nail paint, and post it on your Facebook page with the message: GO TEAL. PROMOTE OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS #WearTealDay. 

Ø  Get 5 other friends to do the same.
Ø  Get onto twitter with the message and use the hashtag #WearTealDay

Ø  Spread your pictures and message on WhatsApp too

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