Tuesday, 30 September 2014

​​ITM University, Gurgaon holds workshop for ‘Healthy Heart’ in collaboration with Health Care at Home for students

·         Healthcare experts of HCAH sensitize students about risk factors of heart ailments

·         Students made aware about cutting down on smoking and making lifestyle and dietary changes to counter the risks early on]

Gurgaon, September 29, 2014: ITM University, Gurgaon today conducted a health workshop – ‘Start Early to Keep Your Heart Healthy’ – in collaboration with Health Care at Home (HCAH), India’s first hi-tech, documented, quality homecare service provider, to raise awareness among its students about the risk factors of heart diseases and how to reduce the incidence of heart disorders.

In India, cardio vascular diseases (CVDs) are a major health concern, with women and youngsters too now falling prey to heart-related ailments. High-level of stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits and rising incidence of smoking are major reasons behind early diagnosis of heart disorders among the youngsters.

During the day-long workshop, the healthcare experts of HCAH apprised the students about measures that the students must take to cut the risk factors of heart problems. While Dr Gaurav Thukral, Head Medical Services, HCAH, briefed the students on the factors that are responsible for cardiac ailments such as genetics, smoking and less physical activity,Kanika Malhotra, Sr Clinical Nutritionist, HCAH, shared information on dietary habits and changes to be made in the lifestyle to keep heart fit and healthy.

Heath Care at Home, a joint venture between Burman family, promoters of India’s leading natural health care products maker Dabur, and founders of Healthcare at Home, UK, provides at-home post-cardiac surgery services and nutrition counseling for cardiac patients in Delhi-NCR, besides its other services.

“Gone are the days when only people in their 60s used to grapple with cardio vascular disorders. Now the scenario has changed with people in mid-30s reportedly suffering from cardiac problems. In today’s environment, smoking has become very common among youngsters, which is apparently taking a toll on their heart health. Sedantary lifestyle and genetic factors are contributing factors which make matters worse for heart. For these reasons, heart disorders are increasing in the country. So it is high time to educate the young guns to be

aware of the risk factors and avoid heart problems from happening by adopting a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr Thukral.

Over 200 students participated in the workshop and sought personalized nutrition assessment for keeping heart in good shape. Ms Malhotra shared dietary tips on oil consumption, inclusion of protective foods in diet, besides sharing information on how eating foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, capsicum, amla can help decrease the urge to smoke.
“Indians are already pre-disposed to heart conditions and the trend of shift in age towards the lower side is worrying. Youngsters today are involved in lot of activities and put their health in peril. They have to be cautious about their health. When heart diseases have begun to show signs in younger people, some concrete steps need to be taken. As a University which value its students, we decided to organize a health workshop on World Heart Day for them and sensitize them about the risk factors related to heart ailments and how to counter them,” said Prof B S Panwar, Vice Chancellor, ITM University, Gurgaon.

Diet charts were also provided to the students and the day-long event culminated with a question and answer session.

Rajni and Deepika of Berkeley HealthEDU (BHE), which is the training partner of Health Care at Home, conducted the session. BHE also provides training to nursing and medical staff of HCAH

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