Friday, 5 September 2014

Film Review - MARY KOM

Rating: ****
Review By : Priyanka Raina
Directed By : Omung Kumar 
Produced By : Sanjay Leela Bansali
Cast : Priyanka Chopra, Darshan Kumaar, Zachary Coffin, Sunil Thapa

Whenever a Movie is made on some living personality or a sports person, it becomes important (and the responsibility of the director) that they are extra cautious that we are not going wrong anywhere and as result, lots of research work is done on Character. 

And now we will talk about one such Researched story - A world Championship winner M.C Mary Kom

MARY KOM is a Journey of a small town Girl who is a Five Times Championship Winner from a Small Town Manipur, where actually there are not much facilities. M. C. MaryKom was Born as Mangte Chungneijang , and the name Mary Kom was given to her by her Coach Sir (Sunil Thapa). Mangte Chungneijang is a girl who looses temper frequently, and then she bashes someone and as a Result her interest derives into Boxing. But as Her Father (now working in the rice fields) was an athlete, thus he wanted her daughter to join athletics - But Destiny had planned History for MaryKom.

MARY KOM meets her Better half Onler Kom (Darshan Kumaar) in 2001 , and Finally in 2006 Onlar proposes Mary Kom and also tells that He will be always with her BOXING. And The Last Match before her Wedding could Happen was INDIA VS Germany , where Mary Kom from India accepts Onlar 's Proposal after defeating Germany.

In 2007 Mary Kom gives Birth to Two Twins, and finally one day she discovers that Mary Kom was just known be her name & people were just forgetting her , after winning Five Times World Championship. Before she would get depressed, Onlar encouraged her to get back into Boxing and let the World know who is MARYKOM.

MARYKOM had to plead association again , who thought that Girls can't fight and since she had given Birth to Babies & now concentrate on her family. But as we say nothing can be done without family support. It was same in MaryKom 's life too. This time Family supported her, and she continued her training again with her Coach Sir. In 2008, At Ningo China where at one Stage Her Child was getting operated at Manali and on the Other Hand She had to Fight VS German boxer. Marykom defeats Sasha of Germany and proves that Indians are not less then anyone , if they are given proper facilities. 

Omung Kumar has said story in exactly Marykom's style with Dialogues in Manipuri tone, characters looked equally the same as if we are watching real Mary Kom and her journey. And of course No words to describe magnificent PRIYANKA who was simply electrifying in her Boxer's avtaar. 

Review : 
One Star goes to magnificent Direction by Omung Kumar who gives us the feeling of real Mary Kom and not as if one is just watching a movie, One Star goes to the Boxing sequences and the rigorous Training sequences that were held exactly its in Rings, One Star for the electrifying background score, Music which gives you a spirit of Will Power and of course Last But not Least - One Star to Dynamite and Brilliant Priyanka Chopra for her Heartbreaking performance ever after Barfii. 

Rating : *** Stars to the film 

(Views and review of the above film are that of the author Priyanka Raina, who is an independent film professional. They do not necessary imply the views and opinion of the Editor or that of UNIVERSAL NEWSLINE)

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