Saturday, 13 September 2014

Come, Study in Germany!!

EasySkillz prepares you for free education in the student-friendly European country

·        EasySkillz offers a language and skill program that will equip students to prepare for a free education in Germany

·        The deadline for enrolment at EasySkillz is September 8, 2014

New Delhi: 

A world class education system that offers free education, abundant job opportunities and a student-friendly culture makes Germany one of the most desired destinations for higher education. If you are one of those students who desire an academic pursuit in Germany, EasySkillz is the place you start.

A learning platform that works to facilitate education and training for promising new talent, EasySkillz is opening a new program for students who are looking forward to studying in Germany. The nine-month language and skill program offers aspiring students full-fledged guidance and training to equip them for an academic pursuit in the country.  

Not just language and culture training for admission into Germany, at EasySkills we also provide career counseling, visa preparations, documentations, travel arrangement and accommodation help to students, as well as pre-departure orientations.

Germany is one of the chief economic players in Europe and there are a series of advantages of studying in that country. Besides offering some of the best technical educational programs in engineering and IT, Germany provides the opportunity for students to enroll in part time jobs. It is also one of the most affordable European countries as far as the cost of living is concerned.

The country also offers plenty of job opportunities to fresh graduates. In fact, according to different estimates Germany faces paucity of over 1 lakh engineers and IT professionals, with an average salary of Rs 50 lakhs on offer. This gives students a golden opportunity to be absorbed by the German market on completion of their courses.

“Several factors make Germany the destination next for Indian students. Scholarships in other European countries, notably UK, have dried up over the last few years. On the other hand, a lot of Indians have grown wary of Australia after a slew of violent attacks on Indian students were reported there. Germany remains a haven for students who are looking for world class education and job prospects,” says Mr. Mahapavit S. Anand, Founder & CEO, EasySkillz. Mr. Anand has been consulting leading international Universities in helping them market their programs.

“At EasySkillz, we enroll students with an aim to prepare them comprehensively for a free education in Germany. We introduce them to the culture and academic methodology of the country, including German language, which is easier to learn for English speakers,” he adds.

Proficiency in German language is one of the main requirements for students to be able to obtain an education in Germany as several courses are taught in German language. However, knowledge of English is a huge advantage while learning German, and this puts Indians in a position of advantage.

Moreover, German language training methods in Germany are such that even a slow learner could cope if he/she shows discipline in learning. Hence, Indians with their local heritage and English-oriented schooling career, are easily able to pursue higher education programs in Germany in German language. German language training methods in Germany allow the student to advance quickly and get sound knowledge necessary for the entrance examination.

EasySkillz programs offer complete step by step guidance to each and every student in their pursuit for education in Germany, and also provide an interface between colleges scouting for young talent and students looking for education abroad. In short, EasySkillz paves the way for students to embark on different academic fields in Germany and get a free education.

The classes at EasySkillz, start on September 18 this year but the deadline for students’ enrolment is September 8. The team of experts and trainers, which include faculty from Germany, counsel students and prepare them for an education in Germany, with a mission to make quality education accessible for all.
Germany is the dream destination of many Indian students and rightly so. The country not just offers free education but also allows up to 20 hours of part time work every week to make your living easier. It is one of the few countries where completion of study programs is smoothly followed by paid internship in top MNCs. All these factors make the country, one of the best places to study.

So, if you are looking ahead to pursue higher education abroad, EasySkillz is your first step to realize the dream.

EasySkillz is headquartered in Surajkund and has a branch at Nehru Place. For more information, students can visit

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