Monday, 4 August 2014

The Web Portal of V Citizens Action Network (VCAN)”  

V Citizens Action Network (VCAN), is a not for profit organisation, whose objectives are to promote fairness, honesty, transparency and accountability in society by encouraging public participation in all democratic processes. It is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, and has been granted 80G certificate under the Income Tax Act, 1961.   

Having recognised some basic challenges faced regularly by Citizens, specifically in urban areas, the idea of engaging with Citizens and providing an interactive medium through the use of a Web Portal, made perfect sense. After all, the net is the fastest growing medium of communication. 

Whilst the creation of Web Portals are not new, to construct an interactive Web Portal addressing multiple issues and engaging the Government Bodies, is not common. Usually efforts are made to engage on a single issue, but this Web Portal brings many if not all such issues that touch a person’s daily life on a single platform.  

Through this portal, visitors can access information about How to keep our Homes and Neighbourhoods Safe and Secure, How to Live Healthy, Ways to become Smarter Citizens and information about the various arms of Government, their functions, Basic Legal Knowledge, and Judgements of the higher judiciary, that interpret important laws, so that citizens can know the exact legal position. 

A “How to Deal With” section, as the name suggests, provides a guide to the functions and workings of four Organisations; the MCGM, the Police, the Election Commission and the State Government, which impact our day to day lives. 

This portal is also a medium for visitors to post their issues and find solutions with the help of an interactive map of Mumbai, for problems specific to their locality.

The most important theme, has been to acknowledge the dignity of work, safety and security of life of self and others, and getting people to recognize their capabilities and deal with whatever problems that they may face. 

Our motto is clear – “We will not do it for you, but will help you do it for yourself”. 

There is always a need to update one’s knowledge and a need to stay connected with others. The Citizens are becoming increasingly aware of their Rights and the need to communicate with others and expand on their knowledge. As a result of this continuous search for knowledge, the Web Portal is programmed to keep providing a platform for constant interaction. 

The Power to Change, and Build Better Lives, begins with the actions of one individual. VCAN believes that, our solving peoples’ problem is less effective than providing them the tools to solve it for themselves. Our philosophy behind this portal is to provide a platform to all, to empower them with the requisite knowledge so that they can help themselves.  VCAN believes that to build better lives “I Can, You Can and Together VCAN”.   

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