Saturday, 30 August 2014


WHAT: Sachiin Joshi and Boman Irani promote Goa Nicofix-anti tobacco chewing gum
WHEN: 23rd Aug, 2014
WHERE: Lakme Fashion Week, The Palladium Hotel

On Saturday evening Sachiin Joshi along with actor Boman Irani promoted anti-smoking at Lakme Fashion Week. Sachiin Joshi pulled up his socks and sleeve as he introduced Goa Nicofix anti-tobacco chewing gum.
Goa Nicofix is a type of ‘Nicotine Replacement Therapy’ also helping to reduce nicotine cravings and is one of the products by Viiking Confectionaries, the CMD of which is actor Sachiin Joshi. It is also a cleaner way of taking nicotine as it is free from chemicals, tar and smoke. It keeps your breath fresh and does not stain your teeth. 
Both Sachiin Joshi and Boman Irani present at the press conference to promote the product look dapper in suits! On his product Sachiin Joshi quoted, “Goa Nicofix is as discussed a nicotine replacement therapy for consumers who are smoking from a very long time and find it difficult to stop it.  One can even say that is a kind of a CSR activity that I wanted to initiate and associate myself with.
Sachiin adds, every human body has nicotine levels in already in them and the consumption of cigarettes adds to the levels which makes us lethargic and reduces our stamina. Goa NicoFix is a product which will help consumers to kick the butt! Smoking is the most difficult habit to cut down on and is much more difficult than alcoholism to give up according to statistics in India”
On his association with Goa Niofix and him being chosen as a brand ambassador actor Boman Irani says, “ Sachiin here has chosen one of the youngest actors in the industry as a brand ambassador! (jokes apart) But when we were in school/college smoking was considered “cool” and the one who didn’t smoke was of course very “uncool”. Rather obvious it increased the number of smokers at that time because of the peer pressure. But today’s generation is much smarter and careful about their health. Also the people from our generation have stopped smoking and have become conscious about their health, diet and fitness. Believe me when I say, smoking does a lot of damage to the body and the after effects are very bad.I personally think this is cooler way of kicking the butt as one may put it. It’s a wonderful cause and I am extremely happy to be a part of it”.
A media from the crowd pops up and says, we heard that you are going to play a Yamraj in the advertisement of Goa Nicofix! Tell us more!
Yes! Boman quoted, “an advertisement has also been shot where I play Yamraj who always cribs about not being able to go on a holiday since he has a lot of death pickups to take care of, owing to smoking and its ill-effects. I therefore request people to use Goa Nicofix which will help them give up smoking, so the Yamraj (which is me) can lead an easier and carefree life!
Here is wishing everyone a good and healthy life!
Goa Nicofix chabao, apni umar badao!

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