Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rajan Verma creating new milestone in AD industry with “SEIKO”

Actor Rajan Verma creating new milestone in AD industry with “SEIKO” watches

Actor Rajan Verma who was last seen in the movie Zindagi 50-50 opposite Glamorous Veena Malik is now a day’s is busy directing AD for International Brands. AD Guru Rajan Verma who had shown his efforts behind the camera in the AD of “RADO” Watches and LG commercial is recently shooting for “SEIKO” watches. For actors, the move into directing is an alluring one, giving them the opportunity to bring their own ideas to life and, using their appeal, broadcast them to a wide audience. The journey from acting to director is not easy. You need to know the industry as well as business from scratch so that you last. And now Rajan Verma doing it very well and his multi-talented will last him in the industry. Seiko is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells watches, clocks, electronic devices, semiconductors and optical products. Rajan Verma’s blend of creativity and management had worked the magic and make AD look synchronized and appealing.

Rajan Verma said, “Inspiration makes me feels to live in my passion, the feeling of having more creative control in a production and career growths are some of the common reasons that make me from actor to become director. An actor personally involved in having a story made and to overseeing the direction of that project to tell the story and that I am doing now. It’s a great feeling to associate with big brands.”

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