Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Amy Billimoria’s “Earth 21” celebrates Independence Day as Eco Freedom Day

Amy Billimoria's "Earth 21" eco art fashion project celebrates Independence Day as Eco freedom Day. As a part of this special global initiative Amy Billimoria makes a sincere effort to communicate the significance of eco fashion in our daily lives through  “Earth 21”.

Bringing the modern contemporary approach into combining style with the classic traditional approach, to create a unique and novel blend in couture. As we had the upsurge of Khadijah during the freedom era, the designer is working consciously to create various eco friendly fibres using linen and bamboo shoot blends to recreate a classic yet stylized look for the modern contemporary woman of today!

Also imbibing and promoting the use of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to support the cause of global warming the designer has created her own niche in haute couture drape ensembles as well as Prêt and festive wear pledging to make a difference by doing her bit to curtail fashion waste and Save Planet Earth.

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