Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rani Mukherjee gets gifted by the Interpol

YRF’s Mardaani is the story of a cop in search of a girl, led into the world of
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trafficking in India. Rani Mukherji plays a no-nonsense, fearless cop.


A high ranking lady Interpol inspector educated Mardaani’s team on women cops. She was integral in sharing details with them about female cops in the field.

Rani was keen on getting the nuances and mannerisms of a female cop right. She went the extra length to prepare for her role and trained hard for this film.

Rani impressed critics and fans and her role as a tough cop has been appreciated well. The inspector was keen on meeting Rani and she visited the Mardaani set in Mumbai.

The inspector gave Rani her feedback and congratulated her. She was quite impressed by the actress.
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The inspector even gifted Rani a silver plate with a lovely Interpol engraving.

Rani was touched by this gesture. She is excited for her film that releases on 22nd August.

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