Tuesday, 8 July 2014

One lakh crore to be raised for road sector

Rs one lakh crore to be raised for road sector: Gadkari

New Delhi, July 7: 
Union Surface Transport and Rural Development Minister Nitin Gadkari has said the new govt is working on bringing on the good times, but it needs some time to produce results. He also said that his ministry will raise Rs one lakh crore to overhaul the road network in the country.

Gadkari was speaking at the conclave Budget Aajtak organised by the nation’s No 1 News Channel. Participating in the session ‘Will the good days come?’, Gadkari claimed to be the top politician in terms of arranging funds, and said that he will raise Rs one lakh crore for the road sector. “I will prepare the blueprint from my ministry in a month’s time and results will be visible in 2 years. I will raise Rs 1 lakh crore and release money to contractors in 24 hours,” he said. Gadkari also defended himself on the charges of being a businessman first. “I am not a businessman, but I apply my mind to generate employment for the poor,” he said.  

Speaking on whether the Budget will have glimpses of the good days, Gadkari said that the new government has understood the problems of the country and is working to find solutions. “Budget will reveal the economic policies of the government. We will take quick decisions and will have to bring in transparency. To solve the power problem, we will have to solve the crisis in the coal sector. Good days will come, but we’ll have to wait for some time,” said Gadkari.

Gadkari also defended the green signal to e-rickshwas saying it is better than cycle rickshaws where a human being pulls other people.

Congress leader Kamal Nath observed that one of the biggest obstacles  in urban development is acquisition of land. He also said that many decisions of the previous UPA government got entangled in bureaucratic tangles, and consequently, work on the plans got stalled.

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