Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Nofel Izz's SPACE ELEVATOR design will be revolutionary

Nofel Izz believes his SPACE ELEVATOR design will be revolutionary, first of its kind!

Canadian entrepreneur Nofel
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Izz shares his idea on World’s First Viable Space Elevator design that will prove to be revolutionary in near future!

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Izz successfully launched his last invention OMASK; a lightweight portable safety breathing apparatus for vehicles submerged in water and is currently displaying his patented design for the World’s first space elevator.

Giving details of his all new design for the Space Elevator at his home in Ontario, Canada, Nofel
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Izz shares: The space elevator would be constructed using super strong & light weight metal alloys that would provide the structure immense strength –to- weight ratio using materials such as Titanium alloys that are currently being used in the aviation industry.

The ‘Telescopic Expo Shell’ is a semi- hollow & cylindrical structure that consists of a telescopic tower that would be propelled by both an “inner shaft’ (chained cylindrical bits that locks in to form a shaft) a hydraulic system and a rail-powered Kevlar cable structures that would work together providing support.

Further suggesting the base of this tower can also be positioned on water. The space elevator would reach heights of 160 kilometers or 99 miles into LEO (Lower Earth Orbit) when fully extended. (Details of his project is available on spacee.ca)

Stating advantages of the Space Elevator, Nofel
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Izz mentions, “Space elevator would make space traveling cost effective by giving its owners 90% cost advantages over convention rockets.”

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Izz asserts that the first nation to successfully build the space elevator would dominate space travel.

There have been enough talks about space elevators and carbon nanotube tethers in the past but nobody has designed something viable yet. Nofel
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zz adds, “My designs are more realistic and doable in the near future. I hope to see them in use in my lifetime. I am currently in the process of getting someone from the industry to endorse my designs.

When asked if NASA or the Canadian Space Agency would consider this project, Nofel says, I assume one would design a space elevator keeping them in mind
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indeed and it would be an honor as I do not intend to make money out of this concept, I would happily handover the schematics to any organization that would be serious enough to build one.

The USP's Of this Space Elevator is
- The space elevator can be built using materials that are in abundance now instead of developing them and can be built in 7 to 10 years.
- The Telescopic Exo Shell is coated with a drag-resistant material and helps stabilize it further from wind and high pressures from outer-space.
- it would be possible to launch earths very own stat ship in the next 10 years for fraction of the cost vs sending materials into space via a rocket.
- The space elevator can be used for the following reasons besides launching satellites and people into orbit: clearing up of space junk, asteroid deflection, solar power, observation deck, space tourism.
- The overall structure is compact and can be create in an area as small as the Dubai Palm Islands, Total Area required is as little as 225 square km / 86.87 square mile.
- The observation or launch deck is 50 meters in diameter and can withstand weights of over 100,000 tons.

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