Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mamta Jaiswal at Ruia Agro Farm for Tree Plantation Drive

Another milestone model and actress “Mamta Jaiswal” at the Ruia Agro Farm for Tree Plantation

World’s first online social channel India Bureau’s Brand Ambassador Environment, model and actress Mamta Jaiswal took step towards global warming eradication by planting trees at Ruia Agro Farm.

Ruia Agro Farm launched on 29th of June at picturesque Avandhe village, at a near distance from Mumbai,  situated at the banks of river Vaitarana at Manor. 

On the day Mr. Sharad Ruia, Mr. Rajesh Modi, Mr. Kshitij Ruia along with Mr. Shishir Ruia and with several dignitaries started off the auspicious ceremony by Ganesh Puja followed by planting several trees, with the motto of 15 thousand trees in a month. Nowadays, when throughout the world trees are planted to reduce the consequences of Global Warming you too could help in by planting saplings for free in order to save the environment. 

For free online registration visit or call: 9029063468.

Notably, few days back expressed by our Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji that a programme of 500 crores would be initiated by the government for planting trees along all the national highways. Inspired by his thought Ruia Agro Farm had taken this step now. Prior to this kind of drive was initiated in Mahabaleshwar on 12-12-12.

Following on footsteps of Ruia Agro Farm many big companies are also coming forward for this cause. Here at Ruia Agro Farm our motto is to plant trees in large volume to fight Global Warming in order to provide pure oxygen and to put breaks on rapid changes in weather and erratic rainfall. In order to save the world everyhand is needed in this noble cause.

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