Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bonita’s offers Deux Laundry Basket

For organized way of storing unwashed clothes, Bonita’s offers Deux Laundry Basket
·        Partition in the product makes it perfect for sorting dark, light clothes

New Delhi, July 2014: Washing clothes is a challenge for women, who already have a variety of chores to finish throughout the day. It is quite common in every household that women earmark a particular day for laundry. For working ladies, that day is either Saturday or Sunday.
The day of laundry is no less than a breather, as it clears the pile of unwashed clothes, which starts getting created from the very same day. Sometimes, doing laundry is distressing if you come across your favorite dress being stained from the dark-colored cloth in the pile.
For those who are cleanliness freak, and love the organized look of their homes, the pile of clothes is a big ‘no’ for them. To avoid the situation, they end up washing clothes every other alternate day, or may be every day, in some cases.   
If you are facing the same challenge of managing your unwashed clothes, Bonita’s “Deux Laundry Basket” can put all your worries to rest. The laundry basket comes with a partition and provides perfect sorting option.  
Available in colorful prints with various dark-colored backgrounds, the product provides an organized way to keep clothes for laundry. As it is well partitioned, light-colored clothes can easily be kept in one portion, and dark ones in another. So it saves the time of sorting clothes just before washing them.
The burden of keeping unwashed clothes at a place not visible to people also gets reduced. But when space is a constraint, especially big towns, that is hardly an option. The product addresses all such concern very well.
“The product is spacious enough to store a number of clothes. Also, when there are less clothes to store, it can be used to keep children’s soft toys and other light materials, thus making it a product which can be used in multi-purpose ways. The product, laundry bags of which are removable, is ideal for sorting and storing clothes,” says Vineeta Mittal, Brand Manager, Casa Brands India Pvt Ltd, which owns the brand Bonita.
Deux Laundry Basket comes with Epoxy powder coating for a longer shelf life and durability. The best part of the product is that it can be dismantled and stored easily when not in use.
The plastic parts are UV resistant and the colour does not fade away in sunlight. Though made in India, Bonita ensures that the quality matches international standard.
The product, priced at Rs 1,795, enhances the look of your house. So, if you want to add a tinge of color and make it look more organized, grab the product at once.

Price Details : Rs 1,795 /-
Availability through dealers stores and online at

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