Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Winnie – The new skin care Goddess in Bollywood

Meet Bui Le Hang (Winnie) of World Beauty Lounge, is the CEO – Skin Whitening and Slimming Expert (India) and a qualified expert in Skin Care, all skin Problems and weight loss.

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Winnie - World Beauty LoungeAs the World Beauty Lounge is situated in Andheri West in the midst of the filmy offices and filmy training schools, most of her clients are from the filmy town. Not only Bollywood celebrities, a lot of Television artistes are her regulars. Surabhi Prabhu, Brinda Parekh, Mukesh Rishi, Jasbir Jassi, Sheetal Dabholkar, Poonam Jhaver and many other aspiring artistes.
World Beauty Lounge – new skincare Goddess in B-town
Metropolitans are very conscious about their skin and appearance and so they frequently keep freaking for a lounge. With introduction of World Beauty Lounge in Andheri (w), Mumbai, Miss Bui Le Hant (Winnie) has come up with Japanese herbal skin treatment for Indians. Herbal care of skin is the most delicate method of caring and moisturizing your skin. You will definitely found a number of spa and lounge in your city but they prefer chemical treatment of skin for instant result which brings side effects in long run. World Beauty is a different lounge which is totally based on Herbal treatment of skin whether it is skin whitening or slimming.
Winnie - World Beauty LoungeWorld Beauty Lounge is the new hub in B-town for instant whitening and slimming. It is a franchise from Singapore Lounge where they treat skin and body through herbs and natural methods.
Winnie - World Beauty LoungeWinnie explained ” we use natural whitening substances from precious herbs for extreme body whitening. After a process of body massage, scrub and steam we apply Japanese whitening skin solution and then use rare Colostrum, imported from Australia and Ginseng herb to generate natural whiteness in the skin. It is a complete natural process unlike other lounge who use chemicals for skin whitening. Ginseng is our usp and we import this herb from Korea. It is all because of Ginseng, Korean people are extra ordinary white.”
Says Sheetal Dabholkar (of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? fame),’I come frequently for skin whitening facials, and the results are amazing. The treatment by World Beauty Lounge is just awesome.
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