Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bajaj Fans karde ‘Hakka Bakka Pakka’

Bajaj Fans entering the premium category by bringing a varied range of stylish fans.

Brief given to Soho Square
Bajaj Fans has been in the market for over the last 75 years and is the market leader in the sub economy segment with its Bahar product range. It’s a 600 crore plus brand with the positioning of ‘Sabse Tez’ that has become synonymous with the brand for close to 10 years.

The team at Bajaj wanted to move the brand up from a function-led positioning of Sabse Tez and showcase Bajaj Fans as classier, lifestyle products that enhance the décor of the home rather than mere functional appliances.

The mandate for Soho Square was to communicate this brand evolution in an impactful, compelling manner, while keeping the brand’s signature humorous tone intact.


·         The TVC showcases people’s reaction when they see the stylish fans.
·         The new campaign aims to bring about a change in terms of how ones views fans.
·         Each of this premium range of domestic fans are designed to perfection and created for the premium segment.

Name of the creative agency – Soho Square
Name of the media agency – BPN (Lintas Media Group)
Profile picture of the Executive Creative Directors and Creative Heads - Anuraag Khandelwal and Satish Desa
·         Beena Koshy,  Vice President & Head - Advertising and Brand Development, Bajaj Electricals Ltd. said " Over the past decade the emphasis was on the functionality of the fans with the creative hook on "incredibly fast". This year however we have a range that is aesthetically good looking in the premium segment, which we wanted to make our presence felt in. So the concept is based on the fact that Bajaj fans are so stunning that you will fumble for words.  We are looking at a complete 360 with good presence in mainline media while also showcasing the range at retail level."   
·         Quote from creative agency - "A fan has to cool down a room. That's it! We thought so too, until we saw the latest range of fans from Bajaj. Real stunners, they'll change the way you look at fans. The campaign built on this core thought. We took situations where the fans catch the protagonists by complete surprise. What we call 'the Hakka Bakka moment'."

Following is the link for the TVC campaign:

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