Sunday, 18 May 2014

Awakening the Nation!

 Syed Musharaff’s Jago Janta Jago gears up for the Rally creating awareness about the debut of NOTA (None of the above) option amongst the voters

“The problem lies with us. We do not ask questions. If you don’t find a proper candidate, it is time we start using NOTA,” is what the foundation Jago Janta Jago of Syed Musharaff suggesting to the masses & hence the decision to promote NOTA.
Jago Janta Jago invites the masses to join their voice after Supreme Court allotting a button in voting machines & ballot papers of ‘None of the above (NOTA) & informing them about the benefit of voting by the option for rejecting dishonest candidates in the list.
Finally NOTA makes its debut in the voting machines. Supreme court grants the voters right to Reject all candidates. Syed Musharaff, founder of Jago Janta Jago mentions, “Let’s support the landmark judgment. Visit the nearest poll booth to cast negative vote pressing the button NOTA.”
Putting emphasis on the option, he further adds, “Democracy is all about choice & significance of Right of Citizens to cast negative vote. NOTA personifies this democracy. Voters who are dissatisfied with the candidates in the fray should turn up in large numbers to express your opinion through NOTA.”
The Rally to create awareness about the new option will see the participation of Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Management students & people from all walks of life.
Jago Janta Jago considers it a duty to spread awareness & educate the masses about the pros of casting their negative vote. The very intention of the supreme court of India was to force the political parties to project candidates with clean background as their candidates. The candidates who win the election become a part of the legislature, governing the country. It was, therefore, felt mandatory that candidates with criminal or immoral or unclean backgrounds are deterred from contesting the elections.
Syed Musharaff, inviting each one of us to the rally mentions, “If this option of ‘None of the above’ is implemented with its true intent, the whole political scenario of the country will drastically change from present scenario”

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