Monday, 3 March 2014

Celebrate spirit of Womanhood at Growel's 101 Mall

Lets celebrate the spirit of Womanhood at Growel’s 101 Mall

(ArtiStree, 2014 organised by Growel’s 101 to acknowledge the women in our lives)

Mumbai, 3rd March, 2014: 

This Women’s Day, Growel’s 101 Mall takes the opportunity to pay honour to the women in our lives through ArtiStree, 2014. Growel’s 101 looks forward to give the women in the city a wonderful experience which is full of sheer fun, feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the place they hold in each of our lives.
The three-day celebration creates a platform for women to showcase their talent in different genres. ArtiStree, 2014 spread over a three-day celebration for women in the city includes fun and educational activities.

First day will begin with the Fine art exhibition where there will be exemplary display and presentation of different kinds of art by women. The art exhibition includes display of beautiful paintings, different style of mehendis, embroidery, and jewellery making.

The second day activity adds new flavour to the event by giving opportunity to all the ladies to present their best cuisines, put up a food stall and share their favourite recipes with the customers. Four Stalls will be exclusively set up by an NGO. A professional DJ will be hired to add zest to the event. This will definitely give a boost to all the women to join in the dance floor and rock on Garba numbers. Exciting goodies will be distributed by the MC. Best Garba performer will be given the title-‘Queen of Garba’.
The third day kicks off with Martial Arts and Self- Defence workshop conducted by a professional trainer. The objective is to educate women on safety techniques through martial arts and self- defence tactics. Students of Ryan International School will conduct a special seminar on ovarian cancer awareness. Surprise goodies will be distributed by MC during the event.

Grand finale will announce the winners of three-day activities, ‘Queens of the Ramp’, ‘Queen of Cuisine’, ‘Queen of Performance’, and ‘Queen of Arts’ are the titles that will be given to the winners. The Duo participant’s mother- daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will be given title ‘Queens of the ramp’ where one will be a model and the other a makeover artist. ‘Queen of performance’, will be given to the best dancer, singer and musical instrument player. Prizes will be given to all the performers at the event. The shortlisted participants for the fine arts exhibition will be titled as ‘Queen of Arts’. The best groups will be titled as ‘Queen of Cuisine’. Small counters of mehendi, rangoli, lamp-painting, makeup, kitty party games, and bangles will be set up in the mall.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Santosh Pandey, Senior Vice President Growel’s101 Mall said, ‘In Growel’s 101 Mall, we always try to create something new for our patrons every year. This year on the occasion of Women’s Day, we take the opportunity to appreciate the contribution of a woman in our lives by providing them a platform to have fun and bring out their hidden talent in different ways. We believe that it will be an overwhelming experience to cherish forever.

Event Schedule:

6th March, 2014:
·         Fine Arts Exhibition- 4 pm onwards
·         Cooking competition for participants- 4 pm onwards
7th March, 2014:
·         Cooking Exhibition- 4 pm onwards
·         Garba Performance- 7 pm onwards
8th March, 2014:
·         Martial Arts & Self Defence Workshop- 2 pm onwards
·         Ovarian Cancer Awareness-4 pm
·         Feedback/Discussions on the Martial Arts & Self Defence Workshop- 5 pm
·         Grand Finale- Announcement of all Winners & Prize Distribution: 6 pm onwards

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