Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Meet the real hero of 'Ya Rab' - Vikram Singh

Not many are aware that the main lead in the upcoming hard hitting film - Ya Rab, is played by this tall, bulky hunk, Vikram Singh who plays the pivotal role of Imraan, a straightforward Islamic guy.

Imraan is married to Amreen and she becomes a victim of the terrorist attack, and goes into coma.The terrorists do not want Amreen to come out of come, while her husband Imraan wants her back.

What is surprising is that this Hindu boy played the role of an Islamic guy in the film so convincingly that would fetch him mass acclaim as well as appreciation from the critics too.

Vikram Singh a promising Punjabi hunk, is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He is popularly known as Locovicky among his fans. Its not only muscles, this arts graduate likes sky diving, horse riding, bikes and many adventure sports he indulges in New Zealand, his second home. 

Interestingly, this lad loves performing stunts by his own in his films. Vikram's earlier films were Godfather, Souten (2006), the horror flick from Ramsays - Aatma (2006), Trump Card, Kuch Kariye (2010) and Rebel (2012).

A brief one to one with Vikram Singh:

What is 'Ya Rab' about?
It is a Love story, with a twist and a thriller where the innocent islamic family gets unfortunately trapped. A fatwa is ordered against the protagonist's wife who is an innocent victim of the incident. 

Was it difficult to play the role of an Islamic man in the film?
Not at all. In fact I found my part so interesting that I can understand the plight of the innocent Muslim guys who get entangled in this anti national activities. 

What is your role in the film?
I play a straight forward Muslim guy who has love and affection for my motherland India. One of my wife's relatives indulges in a terrorist activity of planting a human bomb in a crowded place, and incidentally my wife is a witness to this. 

Unfortunately for her she is so badly injured in that incident, that she goes into Coma, and her anti-national relatives are after her blood, and they want to finish her off.

How different is your character in Ya Rab as compared to your earlier films?
Ironically, I play the pivotal character of Imran Khan, an Islamic man who is a victim of terrorist activity, which unfortunately happens to be masterminded and executed by his own family members. Imran is suppressed from both sides between Islamic talks and terrorist activities. 

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