Tuesday, 21 January 2014

‘Catch’ up on International Flavours with ‘Catch Miniz’

Catch introduces an international range of fabulous seasonings and flavoured salts

New Delhi, January 7, 2014: Catch, one of the most premium F&B brands in the country, announces its entrance into the world of international flavours with the launch of ‘Catch Miniz’. India’s foremost spices brand Catch, a part of the Rs. 3300-crore DS Group, has revolutionized the Indian spice industry with its wide range of spices and seasonings.  Further expanding its reach, Catch is enhancing its product basket, by adding an international range of seasonings and flavoured salts developed with recipes sourced from across the world.   Catch ‘Miniz’ is a Premium product offering in portable and user friendly packaging which can be used at home, outside and during travel.

Catch Miniz’ is available in an assorted pack of 9 in 1 with a recipe booklet and is priced at Rs. 200. All products have been developed with superior quality ingredients and special recipes to ensure that the consumers get desired result by using lesser quantities of each product. The assortment encompasses the following flavours-:

1.                  Italian Treat (Seasoning) is developed using premium ingredients, sourced directly from Italy to deliver true Italian taste and enhance the flavour of Italian dishes like Pizzas, Pastas, Risottos, Lasagnas etc.
2.                  Malabar Black Pepper (Seasoning) offers the fine taste of world’s best black pepper sourced directly from the Malabar Coast in India and can be used to enrich the flavour of any dish.
3.                  Tangy Snacky (Seasoning) can be used to add that extra zing and further uplift the taste of snacks making them even more lip smacking and irresistible.
4.                  Xtra Spicy (Seasoning) will instantly spice up any dish, add an enchanting aroma and delight the taste buds with the delightful aroma and taste of the special blend of premium quality ingredients.
5.                  Meal Magic (Seasoning) consists of special ingredients with unique blend of flavours which can make any dish special.
6.                  Salad Surprize (Seasoning) has been developed with finest quality ingredients and a unique recipe which blends with all types of salads and makes them extra special.
7.                  Paprika Punch (Flavoured Salt) will add a peppy punch of the premium quality paprika to all your dishes.
8.                  Salt-Lite (Low Sodium Salt) is a delight for the taste buds and yet a healthy alternative to common salt.
9.                  Silver Flakes (Complementarycan be used to garnish desserts, drinks, salads and other dishes.  These SILVER FLAKES are 100% vegetarian.

The pack comes in an innovative compact packaging and offers the luxury to customize your food in accordance to your taste as this user friendly portable packaging can be carried anywhere from office, while travelling abroad to family picnics or recreational outings.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. O P Khanduja, Associate Business Head, DS Limited said, “With changing times, people have busier lifestyles, they travel frequently, and more and more people are developing a taste for international cuisines. The contemporary products like Catch ‘Miniz’ focus on attributes like personalisation and mobility. This is the first of its kind package available in the Indian market and our product variation is in line   with explicit customer requirement, to cater to their tastes and modern day  lifestyle needs; and expansion of our existing product portfolio, which is focused on convenience, health, and taste. Through this expansion we   are targeting to be a part of the fast growing market of premium international seasonings and spices. The product is available in retail stores across the country.”

Catch was launched in 1987 with the revolutionary Tabletop Salt & Pepper Sprinklers. It has since then expanded its range and is now a preferred household name in the spice industry. Catch Spices has been given the “Master Brand” award for the year 2013. This is in recognition of its market dominance or leadership status, its goodwill and loyalty amongst consumers, brand resilience and positive market feedback.  The conferring of this award further reaffirms the fact that Catch Spices has built up strong brand equity over the years through its constant emphasis on superior quality, innovation and its ability to read the consumer sentiments and market trends correctly. With more than 63 variants across 6 product categories - Sprinklers, Straight spices, blended spices, Straight premium spices, Whole spices and Hing; it  caters to the diverse Indian palate. With new product variants under the brand umbrella and extended product range, there are over 200 SKUs for both household and Institutional buyers.

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