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Are Your Eyes Fatigued by Overuse?

Essilor offers Crizal Anti Fatigue lens to reduce daily Visual Fatigue in our technology packed world

Crizal Anti Fatigue lens combines far vision correction with unique features to reduce weariness of the eyes commonly known as Visual Fatigue Syndrome

New Delhi, Dec, 2014: In a technology-laden world dominated by computers and smart devices, our eyes feel the pressure of non-stop usage and continued stress daily. Taking into account the changing needs of the time, leading French lens maker Essilor has offered Crizal Anti Fatigue lens -- a new solution to fight Visual Fatigue -- a common side-effect of constant eye usage.

According to different researches and estimates, average time spent in front of the computers has increased by 65 per cent over the past five years. At the same time, we spend three hours in front of television sets on an average every day. Add to it the rapid growth of tablet PCs and Smartphones, and there is reason to believe that visual stress on our eyes is only increasing by the day.

We also spend 80 per cent of our time indoors surrounded by harmful artificial light and air conditioning. All this makes it clear that the eyes have developed new needs.

Tired and weary eyes, headaches, blurred vision, itching and burning are symptoms that more and more people are reporting every day.

So, how can we make sure that we continue to absorb the benefits of advanced technology and devices while making them easy on the eyes? Researchers at Essilor spent considerable time at this question and devices a technologically advanced solution to the problem of growing visual stress and fatigue.

Crizal Anti Fatigue lens combines far vision correction and unique features to reduce visual fatigue and is ideal for people in the age bracket of 25-35 years as well as for eyeglass wearers.

Crizal Anti Fatigue is a patented design advanced single vision lens, designed specially to relieve the symptoms of visual fatigue. The lenses support the wearer’s accommodation efforts with an additional plus power at near vision (+0.60 D) and an instant adaptation. This provides a greater level of comfort for the wearer as the natural accommodation pattern is retained.

 “The needs of the eyes today are not the same as they were 10 years back. Today, there is no escape from computer screens and smart devices; most of us are on the systems for hours at a stretch. Even after work hours, our eyes continue to feel the stress as we surf through Internet on I pads, watch TV and use smartphones. Most of us are glued to our devices even as we are on the road travelling from work to home and vice versa. These changed circumstances need extra care to reduce Visual Fatigue on the eye. Crizal Anti-Fatigue are visual lenses that reduce visual fatigue by 50 per cent. The lens not only corrects ametropia, but also allows the wearer to enjoy the day from beginning to end amidst all activities,” says says Mr. Shivkumar J, CEO Essilor India.

Visual Fatigue is actually caused by focusing on objects one to three feet away for extended periods of time. This is why staring at computer screens, reading material, and even cell phones can lead to Visual Fatigue Syndrome.

Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses are intended as a primary-pair replacement for patients’ single-vision lenses.  Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses feature a special “Power Boost” area in the lower portion of the lens, to give the wearer’s eyes greater clarity and comfort when focusing up-close for extended periods. This accommodative relief in the near vision provides wearers with greater comfort than standard vision correction.

If you are one of those people whose eyes seldom find rest throughout the action-packed day, you need to add the comfort and protection of Crizal Anti-Fatigue to your daily life. Meant to replace single vision glasses for greater comfort, Crizal Anti Fatigue is a unique lens that combines distance correction with three specific features – specific design geometry, filter and coating – to support accommodation efforts and increase comfort.

Cocktail Shirts by 16 Stitches

16 Stitches, a bespoke shirt brand, introduces its Cocktail collection for the upcoming party season. Strut in style in the most suave shirts by 16 Stitches, in supreme combinations of colours, textures and weaves. The fresh vibrance of unique amalgamations exuberate unsullied dexterity and design sensibilities.

16 Stitches’ Cocktail collection encapsulates debonair shirts in shades of blue, grey, pink, white and turquoise. Stripes & Checks dominate the collection and bring a touch of classic dressing to the contemporary colour palette.

The perfect fitting shirt gives a man the confidence to become the best version of him. 16 Stitches provides stylish and innovative wardrobe solutions to well-dressed gentlemen.” says Punit Chokhani, Founder & CEO.

Price: Rs. 1,700/- onwards

Available at

Tips to Care for Your Pets During Winter and Cold Weather

NEW DELHI (Dec.23, 2014) — In many areas during winter, the mercury drops to below freezing and the chill in the air becomes unbearable. As the winter intensifies its grip over India, Humane Society International/India offers some simple tips to keep your four-footed animal safe and warm.

Keep your pets indoor- All pets feel cold, be it a dog, cat, bird or rabbit. The best prescription for winter's woes is to keep your dog or cat inside with you and your family.Pets are sensitive to severe cold. So,it’s better to protect them from being exposed to the chill. Don't leave pets outdoors when the temperature drops.

Extra care for cats, wildlife and cars- Warm engines in parked cars attract cats and small wildlife, who may crawl up under the hood or snuggle and sleep under the cars. To avoid injuring any hidden animals, bang on your car's hood to scare them away before starting your engine.

Wrap your pet up in warmth – These days we can find umpteen sweaters and jackets for animals in pet shops. Pick up a right size for your pet and keep him warm and cozy when you take him for a walk.

If you have birds, rabbits or other caged pets, simply cover their cage with a shawl. This will keep the insides of the cage warm. Remember to make sure you leave a little space exposed for them to breathe.

Fur is a natural warmer- Dogs and cats are blessed with thick fur that keeps them warm naturally. Hence, avoid shaving off their coat during winter. Also, don't take your dog<> out for a walk immediately after giving him a bath. Let his coat dry out completely before taking him outdoors.

Place a warm and cozy bedding-Don’t let your cat or dog to sleep on the floor during winter. Beddings and mattresses for pets come in various shapes and sizes. Get one and see how your pet loves snuggling up on it. Also, place the bedding in a warm spot (carpeted area) preferably where he sleeps everyday so that the area doesn't feel unfamiliar.

Keep room heater out of their reach - Ensure that you keep them away from room heaters, lamps or any other heating source. Pets who get too close to such radiators may get a burn.

Give your pets plenty of food and water- Pets who spend a lot of time outdoors need more food in the winter because keeping warm depletes energy. Routinely check your pet's water dish to make certain the water is fresh and unfrozen. When the drinking water in their bowl is ice-cold, they can’t drink it. It's advisable to replenish the old water with fresh, room-temperature water every 2-3 hours.

Get a health check-up in winter- Dogs who are prone to arthritis<> might have a hard time during the winter months. It is therefore important for you to pay extra attention to their exercise routines. Consult with your veterinarian for health supplements and other medication if your pet experiences joint pain.

Combating Winter Skin Blues

Winter is here again and so are skin problems 

The skin loses its glow, giving way to dryness and a plethora of other problems. As winter approaches, you should brace yourselves up for fighting skin issues, writes Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, Dermatologist & Cosmo Physician, The Skin Clinic, Mumbai.

When you begin to love stepping out on a bright day and soak yourself in the sunlight, it is a signal that winter is round the corner. Tired of scorching summers, one keeps waiting for winters to start. Though much awaited, the season comes with its own issues with almost everybody tightening their belts to fight skin blues.

The skin gets dull, sheen less, flaky and dry due to lack of moisture in the environment. It might not be safe for you to go out in chilly weather that threatens the glow of your face. Also, the inbuilt heaters and artificial room temperature controllers suck out all the water out of the skin. One should start preparing for winter strokes to restore the glow and shine of the skin by following these time-tested measures.

Brief bathing sessions: Prolonged hot and steamy showers relax our shivering body during winters. The excessively heated water softens the body oils that are essential to restore the moisture in the skin. Instead of hot water, you should use lukewarm water and moisture-rich soaps or body wash in order to avoid skin from getting parched. Once you step out of the shower, you will notice dry skin patches, and itchy skin. The hotter the water, the more damage your skin will endure. Bathing durations should be reduced to a necessary time and it’s always important to moisturize after bathing.

Moisturize the dry skin: Moisturizing the skin immediately after bathing benefits the body oils to a greater limit. During winters, you should replace all your routine creams with deep enriching moisturizers to protect your skin from piercing winter breeze. Anti-itchy, oily skin, dry skin, and many other types of body butters and moisturizers are available in the market, and one is advised to choose according to their original skin type. It will soften the cracking skin. With low water level in skin, natural process of exfoliation and hydration doesn’t occur and make skin more prone to inflammatory skin diseases.

Eat healthy to keep skin healthy: The dry skin condition can also be cured by foods and supplements rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids such as fish oil and flaxseed oil. Creating strong immunity structure is necessary to fight skin inflammatory diseases like psoriasis and eczema. One should look to include avocado, grapefruit, carrots, spinach, almond, eggs and fish in diet as they are good source of Vitamins and omega-3 fats.

Skinboosters: People who cannot follow routine measures for good skin health due to their tight-packed lifestyles can opt for skin boosters to replenish moisture content in their skin. Restylane Vital is the perfect option to keep skin elastic and glowy. The modern day dermal filler -- Restylane Vital -- does the wonder in just some minutes and in a very simple way. And the best thing is that the effect does not last a few days. The glow and softness that come with the hydrophilic hyaluronic acid (that promotes water retention and absorption) stays for up to a year. When injected into the upper layers of the skin, Restylane Vital deeply hydrates and nourishes it. Hyaluronic acid gel is implanted into the outer layers of the skin using microinjections and it works naturally to hydrate the skin from within, making the skin soft and radiant.

Don’t miss out on the sunscreen: Many people have the misconceived notion that sunscreen is required in just summers to protect the skin from harmful UV rays that cause tanning, burns and skin itching. But it is equally important to apply sunscreen in winters. It is advised to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to all the exposed areas of the body evenly to counter any skin damage.

Keep rough fabric away: Some fabrics are believed to provoke severe skin inflammation. Wool and any other rough cloth shouldn’t come in direct contact with the skin. A soft material is advised underneath and then a jacket or a sweater should be worn. If you choose to wear wool or any itchy cloth, wear cotton liners beneath so that they don’t irritate your skin.
So if you love the winter breeze, enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to face the winter chill because it would harm you. Take appropriate measures to keep skin healthy, and get ready for a Winter Shot.

5 Cosmetic Treatments for Brides to Be

Dr. Reema Arora, Cosmetic Physician, Reva, Delhi

If you have already taken the marital plunge, you would know the many concerns that cloud your mind in the build up to the Wedding Day. One of the many worries experienced by the bride is about her appearance and skin. Some want to get rid of scars and blemishes, others desire more facial glow.

So, if you are looking for viable solutions to multiple skin problems or desire a more even complexion, skin tone and glow, you can pick and chose from the following options:

Chemical Peels: Chemical peels is a simple procedure that stimulates skin regeneration and helps reveal a fresh, smoother and clearer layer of skin. With time, continuous sun exposure and environmental onslaught, the skin loses its sheen. Dead cells crowd the upper layer of the skin, making it appear dull, tanned, pigmented and lifeless. Using chemical agents, a dermatologist will help exfoliate or scrub out this damaged and dull upper layer of the skin, and a fresh new layer of skin takes its place. This new regenerated skin is free from scars and blemishes, pigmentation and tanning and is full of life and vigor. This procedure will give you a clearer complexion, even and brighter skin tone and glow. 

Laser Hair Removal: Body hair is another major worry that women have to deal with throughout life, especially those who have excess hair. Regular waxing routines can be an irritant. A lot of time is wasted in the routine twice a month. If, for some reason, you are unable to wax or shave you have to be restricted in what you wear. No waxing means no short sleeves, no short skirts. Laser hair removal is a preferred way to get rid of the worry permanently. It is also one of the most popular treatments brides seek.

Juvederm Refine: One of the most notable concerns of women is lack of glow and skin dullness. Every bride wants to look radiant and glowing on her wedding day and the following few days when she goes about meetings new friends and family. Hyaluronic acid based fillers like Juvederm Refine are a very good way of achieving long lasting radiance and glow. Hyaluronic acid, when administered into the skin, helps the dermis absorb and retain water. This gives the skin a beautiful glow and radiance. Moreover the effects of this quick procedure last for a good six months. Some women also like to get the procedure done on their hands to make them appear more beautiful, especially before applying henna.

Hair & Scalp Treatment: Along with skin, hair is another major worry for women. Dull, rough, lifeless hair, split ends, dandruff can be immensely worrying especially before the wedding. It is recommended that a few weeks before the wedding get your hair and scalp examined by a dermatologist.  Dandruff also leads to hair fall. If you have dandruff you may need antibiotics – both oral and topical -- to treat the infection. The hair may then need rejuvenating treatments like hydrating spa, or laser hair combing to give your hair more life and vigor.   

Botox: Today, as more and more women delay their plans to settle down and dedicate more time to establishing their careers, some of them have to also deal with early signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Botox helps to reduce the stress lines on the forehead and the crow’s feet around the eyes, giving you a younger, fresher and a more relaxed appearance.    

Hang On! Bonita Launches Mobile Wonderpouch For Damage-free Charging Of Phones

  ·         The organizer hangs perfectly on the switch board, solving issue of phone’s short cable wire and tangling if wire is too long

·         The organizer helps charge the phone anywhere without worries of falling and constant monitoring for its safety

New Delhi, December, 2014: People develop affinity for things that are with them most of the time, and so if somebody is touchy about their mobile phones, it is not much surprising. Mobile phones have become indispensible part of people’s lives with gadgets becoming a touch point to stay connected with outside world and their loved ones.
To be able to not let that connection break, it is important that mobile phones’ battery doesn’t exhaust during any time of the day, and even night. However, when it is about charging the phone, it gives hiccups as to where to keep it. While charging, it is advised to not keep phone on the floor as there are chances of damage due to formation of water droplets inside when the gadget cools down afterwards.      
So, if you wished there was something that allowed you to hang your ‘delicate and precious’ phone without letting it fall, then such an accessory is here to help you out. Bonita, India’s leading home utility product maker, has come up with one of its kind unique accessory -- Wonderpouch Mobile Charging Organizer – that keeps your phone safe.
“Always determined to make smart products which cut customers’ worries, we thought of coming up with something that dealt with their issue of phone charging. To find a place for phone while charging is one problem everybody faces. So after putting in much thought, the concept of Wonderpouch Mobile Charging Organizer came up. The first-of-its-kind accessory will make you charge your phone without constantly monitoring it for its safety,” says Vineeta Mittal, Brand Director, Bonita.
The organizer hangs perfectly on the switch board and even solves the issue of phone’s short cable wire. Available in dark blue colour with floral design all over, the pouch can also also be used for charging small digital cameras, MP3 players and other tiny appliances.
In crowded metro and long train and travel journey, the mobile organizer will now let you breathe easy as there would now be no issues of tangling of cable wire, if in case it is too long. Also, when plug points are 3-4 feet above the ground at outdoor sites, finding something to place the phone is virtually impossible and holding it is almost inconvenient. In such situations, Wonderpouch Mobile Charging Organizer is no less than a blessing.
Pick this smart Wonderpouch Mobile Charging Organizer if you too want respite from your phone charging headaches.

About Bonita
Bonita comes from the house of Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd. Bonita means beautiful in Spanish. The brand was envisioned to help Indian consumers experience convenience and comfort in their household work. Apart from being attractive, the most important aspect of Bonita products is their unsurpassable quality. Bonita’s talented team takes utmost care to ensure that only the best quality products reach you. This attribute comes from their parent company which is preferred partner for all major American and European brands of these products. All products are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines by using excellent quality raw material and state-of-the-art machinery like German Automatic Powder Coating machines, Robotic Welding and other automated machinery.

The products are available through selected dealer network and also available online at

Neetu Chandra and Rohit Verma at a Christmas Party

Celebrations held for celebrating Sandip Soparrkar National Achievement Award

The United Sports Bar and Grill celebrated the National Achievement Award honour bestowed upon internationally renowned dancer choreographer Sandip Soparrkar in a unique Christmas style with bollywood actress Neetu Chandra as a special guest.

This is the first time in 22 years of the award that a western dancer has been given this honour. Very emotional about the same Sandip said, "This award is not for me, but for all my students who believed in my art. This award has brought in responsibility and I shall make sure I keep the purity of international dances alive all the time."
Sandip's friends and students from film and television world poured in to congratulate him on this special day. Designer Rohit Verma was seen hugging Sandip. Others present were Amit Dolawat, Jassi Kaur, Nakul Vaid, Amy Billimoria, Dev Balani, Prachi shah, Shraddha nigam, Mayank Anand, Nisha Jamvwal, Ruby Tandon and many more.

Anil Laroia, AVP - TUSBG who hosted the fun filled party for Sandip said "it’s an honor for us to felicitate and celebrate Sandip’s achievement in The United Sports Bar and Grill. The dance performance by Sandip’s troupe every week for our Mexican Festival was truly appreciated and loved by all our guests."
The party started with a interactive dance session by Maestro Sandip Soparrkar himself followed by performance of his students, then santa claus danced and gifted chocolates and candies to one and all. The highlight of the evening was when Sushant Divgikar from the Big Boss fame who was the host for the evening made Sandip shake a leg with his super model wife Jesse Randhawa and bollywood actress Neetu Chandra. Jesse and Neetu both looked gorgeous in a white gowns and danced with grace and elegance matching steps with the master of dance.

Everyone was delighted with the Christmas gifts they received from Santa, while Sandip along with his parents, Jesse Randhawa, his friends and dancers enthusiastically cut the traditional cake. Christmas is all about smiles, friends, family and togetherness, there couldn't have been a better way to celebrate this special honour.

IG International & Stemilt launches ‘Apples for Health’ campaign

Stemilt Growers LLC, one of the largest growers and exporters of Washington apples in the United States and IG International, India’s leading importer and marketer of Washington apples have recently launched the ‘Apples for Health’ campaign.  The campaign is designed to promote the health benefits of eating apples and also make people aware of the different varieties of apples.

The campaign was launched in Hyderabad by William Young, Sales Director at Stemilt Growers, during his recent visit to India.

William Young said, “The Indian fresh fruit market is one of the world’s fastest growing markets and Stemilt Growers supplies the largest volume of fresh produce to India through IG International Pvt. Ltd.”. Stemilt Growers and IG International, who have partnered to grow the Indian fresh fruit market have now decided to build their relationship and work together in areas like temperature controlled warehousing and packaging and transportation of fresh fruit.  IG Group’s partnership with Stemilt will also be extended beyond apples to other fresh fruits.

Tarun Arora, Director, IG International Pvt. Ltd. said, “The ‘Apples for Health’ campaign intends to promote the health benefits of apples.  With just 90 calories per apple, it is one of the best fruits to help people maintain healthy weight and healthier lifestyle.  Apples help in bone protection, in lowering cholesterol and in prevention of breast, lung, liver and colon cancer.  It contains an amazing array of polyphenols; provides antioxidant, cardio vascular, anti-asthma and anti-cancer benefits and helps in regulating blood sugar”.

The ‘Apples for Health’ campaign has covered Hyderabad and Bangalore and will be carried out in the other cities of the country over the next few months.

IG International: Incorporated in 2000 by Gian Chand Arora, IG International Pvt. Ltd. (IGI) is a leading marketer and distributor of high quality fresh fruit across India and its brand ‘IG’ is a trusted symbol.  The company handles an annual volume of over 1500 refrigerated containers (40 feet) from 20 countries and distributes these through its 27 wholesale outlets across India. 

IG Supply Chain Pvt. Ltd. is its wholly owned subsidiary and is among the top 5 players  in temperature controlled warehousing with a capacity of 25,000 pallets and facilities in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Amravati.  It has a fleet of 50 refrigerated trucks.

In FY 2014, IG International imported 30,000 MT of fresh fruits comprising of apples, cherries, kiwis, oranges, plums, pears, sweet tamarind, etc.

Stemilt Growers is a family owned fruit grower, packer and shipper, headquartered in Washington State, USA. It is one of the leading fruit growers and a major fresh fruit exporter in the US.

Stemilt Growers has 9644 acres of apple orchards and a total fruit tree acreage of 11364. It has an annual turnover of approx US$ 375 million (Rs.2250 crores), employs 1500 people and exports to over 80 countries worldwide. Last year Stemilt exported 500,000 boxes of apples; 60,000 boxes of pears and 12,000 boxes of cherries to India.

Stemilt focuses on dessert quality fruit with great taste, premium quality pears and new varieties of cherries to stay ahead of consumer demand. The company was the first to sticker apples and pack cherries in bags. Both these practices have become the global norm today.


The Noodle Bar is framed with details such as glazed screens, green ceramic tiles, cherry wood walls and a limestone floor
Cathay Pacific is unveiling a brand-new lounge experience for passengers travelling out of Tokyo International Airport Haneda from 9 December 2014. Located on Level 6 near Gate 114, the lounge will be the first to be operated by a non-Japanese carrier in the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal.

The Haneda lounge measures 990 square metres, making it one of the largest Cathay Pacific lounges outside Hong Kong, with seating for approximately 190 people. The lounge offers a supremely comfortable environment of understated luxury in which First and Business Class passengers can relax before their flight.

Designed by Studioilse, the London-based design studio led by Ilse Crawford, the aim was to create an environment that makes passengers feel good, engaging the senses and focusing on wellbeing as a core principle. This was achieved by working with warm, natural materials such as wood and stone, softening the acoustics where possible and adopting a considered approach to the lighting.

Cherry wood walls and a limestone floor are framed with details such as glazed screens, green ceramic tiles in The Noodle Bar and bronze highlights in the main entrance and the Food Bar. Plenty of natural plant-life and the use of local artworks add to the welcoming atmosphere.

The overall feeling of the lounge is of a domestic space, more like a living room than an airline lounge. Natural sunlight filters through the windows on three sides. Designer furniture and lighting have been carefully selected for their practicality and comfort. Bespoke chairs, and side tables with inbuilt lamps and sockets, will be placed by the windows where passengers can enjoy the view over airport runway and beyond. The Bureau provides four individual workstations with dual operating system iMacs and printers. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the lounge.

The lounge has a strong focus on food and beverage services, with the dining area featuring Cathay Pacifics iconic The Noodle Bar, one of the most popular dining options in the airlines world-renowned lounges at Hong Kong International Airport, offering a selection of freshly prepared Asian noodles including Dan Dan Noodles and Wonton Noodles in Soup. During the morning hours until 11am, authentic Japanese breakfast items and French toast will also be offered.

Another dining highlight is the Food Bar, where passengers can enjoy a wide selection of lighter items such as wraps, sandwiches, quiches and salads, as well as barista-made coffee, pastries and other desserts. In addition, freshly blended cocktails, including Cathay Pacific’s signature drinks, and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be served at the Bar. The food and beverage facilities in the new lounge will be managed by the Hotel Okura Enterprise, internationally renowned for its quality services and hospitality.

The new lounge in Haneda airport is designed above all to reflect the Cathay Pacific brand experience and to offer passengers both relaxation and enjoyment, whether they are returning home to Hong Kong or starting on a longer journey.

Rajesh Menon, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, South Asia says, “Japan has always been an important route that we serve from India, especially for business travellers from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata. With more and more Japanese companies setting up base in the different cities in India, travel to and from Japan has increased. The Haneda airport is most preferred for the business travellers going to Tokyo due to its proximity to the city and its accessibility. For our passengers travelling to Haneda, there is now one more reason to travel on Cathay Pacific Airways and experience our lounge at the airport - this being the first, by a non – Japanese airline. This further enhances our commitment to serve passengers travelling from India on this route.”

A play on Disappearing Daughters

Dance Ballet enthralls Delhities 

·         TU KAISI MAA-A Dance Ballet on Women Empowerment and Play-New Life,a drama on cancer Organized by Urvashi Dance Music  Art & Cultural Society with YOUWECAN.

·         Directed By- Dr.Rekha Mehra, performed at Chinmay Mission,Lodhi Road,

New Delhi,December 2014: 
Kathak exponent Dr.Rekha Mehra, presented  a Ballet titled “Tu Kaisi Maa with visual effects  in background  on female feticide.
 Kanya Bhrun hatya(female feticide)is a process of  aborting perfectly healthy foetuses after about 18 weeks (or more) of gestation just because they are females.
 A presentation of Urvashi Dance Music Art & Cultural Society with YOUWECAN,TU KAISI MAA-A Dance Ballet on Women Empowerment  and Play-New Life,a drama on cancer ,directed by Dr.Rekha Mehra wooed the theatre lovers.

Eminent people graced the occassion:
Vijay Goel-MP
Satish Upadhyay-President BJP
Ms.Shabnam Singh(Yuvi's Mother)
Mr.K.K.Miital-Additional Secretary,Ministry of Culture
Radha Mohan-Agricultural Minister
 “We should keep an end to the violence that kills women before birth,child abuse and domestic violence.These incidents threatens us to remove the mask of modernity as we still remain in primitive society rooted in inequality, polarised by class, caste and religion”said Dr. Rekha Mehra.
 Rape Culture  sensationed in India due to inequality and of embedded violence. Women are wonderful daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. They should be loved, cared, respected and should be protected she added.
Education is the powerful tool for women to improve self-image, acceptance of family planning and their empowerment. Days are not so far, when there may be emergence of the situation where brides will no tbe available for the marriage of the sons to maintain lineage and continue the human race of even those people who believe on long standing tradition of son preference.
 India has yet a long way to go in her fight against pre-birth elimination of females. Time is quickly ticking away. A shortage of girls would lead to a shortage of eligible brides thus making the girl a "scarce commodity".

Preparing hair for winters

Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Dermatologist, Skin Alive Clinics, Delhi & NCR

Much like your skin, your hair too suffers persistently from the vagaries of the climate. If the summer heat scorches up the hair strands, the monsoon humidity makes them limp and turns the scalp susceptible to fungal infections. Even as the hair is recoiling from the excesses of heat and humidity comes the winter harshness that rips off all the moisture, and makes hair weak and dull.

Apart from facing the chilly winds, hair is also more exposed to sun’s radiation in winters, as we tend to spend more time soaking in the sun. Another factor is the frequent use of caps, mufflers and scarves that lead to friction on the hair.

As you bid adieu to summer season and welcome autumn, do not ignore your hair. As winter approaches, following a basic hair care regime can help you keep your strands healthy and hearty in the season. Winter also means greater use of blow dryers to keep the hair dry. Excessive use again weakens the hair strands, giving you another reason for taking extra precautions and care before winters.

This is how you can prepare your hair for the approaching winter:

Healthy diet and supplements: Nothing reflects on hair more than inner health. If your diet is good in nutritional value and your body healthy from within your skin and hair too will be healthy. Protein rich diet like eggs, chicken, Omega 3 fatty acids and iron rich diet like fish, nuts and almonds besides carrots and lentils which are rich vitamin A and folic acid – they will help keep your hair healthy.
Sometimes, the nutrients in your diet are not sufficient. This is when supplements are needed. If winter doesn’t particularly suit your hair, add supplements like vitamin A, follic acid, vitamin B complex, protein and calcium which are good for hair. If you are experiencing thinning or hairfall, do meet a dermatologist who will suggest the right vitamins for you.

Limit the use of blow dryers: If it is autumn season, humidity is not so high. In such circumstances you can limit the use of blow dryers and hot irons on the hair. Limiting this trauma during this period will help the hair prepare and repair better for the winter when use of blow dryers is the highest.
Blow drying can also cause the pores of the scalp to open up and this can lead dirt and pollution to enter, weakening the roots. Remember that blow drying the hair throws a lot of heat on hair and it damages the hair follicles in the process. If we apply a softening mousse, it forms a layer around the hair and protects the hair shafts during blow drying. It work for protection.

Masage your scalp regularly: Use warm olive oil or coconut oil to massage your scalp and hair, it will replenish moisture and prevent dryness. However, too much of oiling is also not recommended. However, do not use too much oil because then you will need to use a lot of shampoo to get rid of it and this leads to a kind of trauma to the hair. Oiling and sift massaging twice a week will be a good thing to do regularly in the pre-winter and winter months.

Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners: Loss of moisture is a major problem in winters. So, better start using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Curd, egg white, henna all act as natural conditioners and can help calm the hair. They will help protect your hair against dryness and coarseness. Use lemon to fight dandruff if any and keep your scalp healthy.

Get some scalp rejuvenating treatments: It is always good to go for some scalp rejuvenating medical therapies like Stem Cell Therapy, Peptide Therapy Laser, LED Therapy and Rejuvenating Orange Light Therapy as these help stimulate hair growth and keep dandruff and other hair problems in check.
Here are some options:

a) Laser light therapy- for hair fall and scalp infections
When the hair follicle suffers from poor blood flow or a hormone by product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hair follicle progressively diminishes until it's permanently gone. The LaserComb utilizes laser phototherapy to stimulate the hair follicle. By bathing the scalp with gentle, nourishing laser light, the follicles are infused with the energy necessary to stimulate growth factors, extend the growth phase and help restore a healthy hair cycle. Additionally, laser phototherapy treatment helps to increase blood flow to the scalp and helps to eliminate harmful wastes products such as DHT.

b) Ozone therapy – for hair growth & repair
Ozone is known to liberate free Oxygen when supplied to any part of the body. This free oxygen radical neutralizes the existing offenders in the body. As our hairs roots also has many such offenders so when Ozone reaches the roots either directly or indirectly it starts rejuvenating. When the roots starts becoming healthy hair loss naturally stabilizes and scalp regains the lost hairs as well.


A feminine space has a lot of functions to fill and can get overstuffed. The space should always be open and spacious. Every home should be practical and functional to live in. For girls specifically, factors such as safety and privacy must also be taken care of in the design, says Yamini Agarwal H5 Design.

Proper locks and grills must be installed at all external openings. Door or video intercom can further strengthen security for a girl’s apartment. Blinds or curtains at windows are a necessity. Sliding panels, open shelving units and curtains in fabric or strings can be used to create partitions for privacy within the space. Modular fittings that offer dual functionality can be used to maximize space utility such as sofa-cum bed and foldable tables. 

Storage can be maximized by filling even the odd or dead corners with shelves, adding trunks for storing bed linens to be used as centre tables or a part of sitting spaces. Using the vertical spaces with channels & hooks can help maximize storage as well as utility in Kitchen and bathroom areas. Installing large mirrors can be functional as well as create the illusion of a bigger space. Colors are a personal choice, but one can never go wrong with pastel shades of any color. Feminine colors such as pink, purple, orange or peach teamed up on a neutral base of white, beige or even grey can form a dreamy combination for any girl. 

Avoid excessive use of blacks and browns as they add a more masculine touch. Use of geometrical or abstract patterns can add a young feel to the space, whereas, Victorian or French prints do the opposite. Dividing as per function or separating the private and public zones can help organise the area and make the space functional. Girls have a lot of additional items such as stoles to use as throws, old dresses to turn into a cushion covers, jewellery storage as paintings or pictures to pin up on walls. 

Take out your old junk and use it to accessorise your home, it adds your personality and life to the space. Funky lamps or light fittings, bright cushions, plush rugs, warm throws and candles are a few must haves to accessorise a feminine space.

SOIL hosts the Dr. V. Kurien Memorial Inspired Leadership Conference

First Prize winning photograph at SOIL
Top industry leaders congregate at SOIL to discuss ‘Is Goodness the key to disruptive innovation’

National, December 2014: 
The School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL) hosted the 6th edition Inspired Leadership Conference (ILC 2014) in Gurgaon on 12th-13th December.  The conference was dedicated in the memory of Dr. V Kurien, the father of “White Revolution “in India who worked endlessly towards development in the agriculture sector. The theme for the conference was ’Is goodness the key to disruptive innovation’.  Thinkers, business leaders and entrepreneurs such as Harsh Mariwala, Chairman -Marico Industries; RS Sodhi, MD, GCMMF (Amul) Ltd. Anand; Naveen Narayanan, Global Head Talent Acquisition- HCL Technologies; Rachna Mukherjee, Country Partner- VP HR, Schneider Electric  , participated in the Conference. The two days saw enriching discussions and deliberations on the thought provoking idea of leveraging goodness to create disruptive innovation.
Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Mariwala, Chairman -Marico Industries, said, “I believe goodness works at two levels : one is corporate and the other is at personal level. On a personal level, if each person discovers a strong purpose of life, they give back something to the society. To me this is goodness. For corporates, if the stakeholders do something good for their employees, it will reflect in better motivation, better results and will help the corporate. Innovation, on the other hand, is on top of the agenda of all global CEOs and unless you innovate, you will fall behind.”
Students learn to appreciate the importance of Goodness in everyday life.
Soil organized activities that saw a participation by various students and professionals .It helped people understand the importance of imbibing & appreciating goodness in their day to day life.
Circle of Giving -The SOIL students did a social experiment, Karma Rasoi , to understand whether Goodness can help create  an innovative experience . Can Inspired by the global Idea of Karma Kitchen (, students of SOIL went to a busy restaurant in Gurgaon during lunch hours  see the results of the experiment unfold . The Students paid the bill of the lunch eaters. At the end of the meal the students greeted the unsuspecting guest  with a” your meal is free” message and asked them whether they would keep the chain going by opting to ‘pay-it-forward’. Irrespective of the bill, the recipient could walk away paying nothing at all or pay whatever he felt was befitting. SOIL students footed a bill of INR 14,000 and received pay-it-forward gift money of INR 10,000
Chanakyan 2014-  As part of the Inspired Leadership Conference , SOIL organized an online photography contest where students submitted an original piece of professional photography on the theme of “ goodness “ Th The contest received an overwhelming response with  105 enteries from across the country and overseas . The first & second positions were backed by budding photographers, Mr. Afroz Haider & Mr.Sourav Karmakar respectively.. A special award People’s choice was given to Mr. Simar Pal, alumni of SOIL, for the most appreciated photography by the audience.
Yuvah 2014 –  The Inspired Leadership Conference also provided a platform for students to showcase their talent through a street play  The event saw participation of teams from the NGO, Saksham and IMS Gurgaon
One of the most awaited and exciting section at the Inspired leadership conference was INQUIZIT, a QUIZ hosted by Mitesh Aggarwal. INQUIZIT drew participation from 36 teams.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anil Sachdev, Founder of SOIL, said, “SOIL aims at creating value driven leaders who can restore the balance in the Indian corporate landscape. The Inspired Leadership Conference was an attempt to get diverse minds together to discuss critical areas of creating t leaders who can serve as social change agents. We truly believe that goodness is the pivot around which innovation can be driven”.

School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL), Gurgaon
SOIL, School of Inspired Leadership
SOIL is a business school that provides holistic education that builds inspired leaders by enabling people to know who they are, recognize their purpose and realize their full potential, to build organizations of consequence.
To accomplish this SOIL-
Nurtures Character through the practice of its values through rituals and symbols (Like Morning Circle, Himalayan Retreats, Appreciative Inquiry, working on Social Innovation, Yoga, Simulation through theatre etc.)Build Competence by focusing on whole systems thinking, a fresh and future ready curriculum, teaching methods and spaces that deploy multiple intelligences and one to one mentoring by seasoned leaders and live projects. SOIL believes in Generating Enthusiasm by enabling people to define their purpose, identify their gifts and learn to leverage their strengths towards their calling.