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XLRI celebrates ‘Joy of Giving Week 2013’

11th October, 2013: The premier private B School in India XLRI Jamshedpur, like every year participated in the celebration of ‘Joy of Giving Week 2013’ from 2nd to 8th October.  XLRI’s student association, SIGMA organized different social and cultural events to celebrate this week long festival of philanthropy in the city of Jamshedpur.

Since 2011, SIGMA has undertaken a program to fund tribal children’s education in order to prevent dropouts from schools due to lack of funds. This ongoing program includes providing for tuition and hostel fees of the beneficiaries. The benefactors of the programme included students and alumni of XLRI. This year was a huge success for the program as it helped us generate funds amounting Rs. 2,01,500/- for the education of Tribal Children managed by the Jamshedpur Tribal Fund.

The various activities included:
Vastra Samman & Ann Daan, a donation drive to collect clothes and dry ration: This collection drive was conducted across the city at various schools. Students of XLRI visited the faculty and staff residences during the entire JoG Week and collected clothes & grains which were donated to local NGOs (Kalamandir & Seeds) of Jamshedpur & later distributed in villages.
The Gift of Time– Visit to Nirmal Hryuday: XLRI students visited and spent a day with residents of Nirmal Hryuday, an Old Age Home and Orphanage in Jamshedpur run by the Missionaries of Charity. The students took with them sweets, provisions for 2 month along with love and affection for 150 residents of Nirmal Hryuday.

Capacity Building of SHG Members: SIGMA launched the 4th round of training/capacity building of SHG members in association of the local NGO, Kalamandir during the JoG week. The training was provided with the help of student volunteers who imparted the training on bookkeeping, starting from the basics of record maintenance, also elaborating upon the benefits of saving and accountancy.

Kehkaha Day & Wish Tree:  SIGMA facilitated a fun day for the children of more than 100 XLRI workers and 60 children from an orphanage on XLRI campus which included talent show, painting competition, craft workshop & various other activities for the kids. Students of XLRI acted as Secret Santa for the kids and fulfilled their wishes. The wishes of the kids were initially hung in a wish tree which was fulfilled by students & faculty of XLRI.

Serving Those Who Serve Us: XLRI students served breakfast & lunch for more than 100workers of XLRI as a gesture to give back the service they tirelessly provide to the institute. The students also organized a football match for the workers.

Donation and Distribution of Un-used but Usable Medicines:  XLRI students organized a unique initiative to collect unused but usable medicines in association with a city-based NGO, Cause for Change. The medicines collected were sorted and distributed to charitable clinics and health camps organized by NGOs and some civil society bodies.

Shadow A CEO (2nd -8th Oct): XLRI students organized an event in partnership with ISB Hyderabad and IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Calcutta). The students bid on eBay during Oct 2nd – Oct 8th, 2013, for a chance to spend a day with one of the 25 selected CEOs. The winning Bid amount was donated to a charity/NGO selected by the CEO.

Inspired by the Jesuit spirit of 'Magis', XLRI has always tried to instill uncompromising human values and a sensitive social conscience among the students. We are proud the way our students have come forward to take part in this celebration of philanthropy”, commentedFr. E. Abraham, S.J, Director of XLRI.

Students of XLRI also organized various activities on the occasion like:

Nukkad Natak: SIGMA in association with the Dramatics Club of XLRI, Dracula plannedNukkad Natak or Street Plays in market places of Jamshedpur to spread the Awareness of Joy of Giving among the residents of Jamshedpur.

Paint the Wall – Graffiti: Students of XLRI painted a wall in Bistupur to spread the awareness about a Litter Proof Jamshedpur.

“Since its inception in 2009, XLRI has anchored the Joy of Giving Week in Jamshedpur as ‘Jamshedpur JoyFest’. Over the last few years, XLRI has brought together different segments of community (corporate organizations, NGOs, schools, regional community groups, youth clubs, housing colony residents, etc.) and engaged them to take part in different acts of giving and helping. We pledge to continue this mission of working for greater good of the society in many years to come” said Prof. Madhukar Shukla on the occasion.

The festivities of the ‘Joy of Giving Week 2013’ ended with a blood donation camp at XLRI Campus which was done in association with the Red Cross Society of Jamshedpur. The blood units collected from the camp were used to save cancer patients in and around Jamshedpur.

About XLRI
XLRI is a premier, private management institute in India founded in 1949 by Fr Quinn Enright, S.J. in the ‘steel city’ of Jamshedpur. Over the last six decades, it has grown into a top-ranking business school with a wide portfolio of educational programs. Its alumni are spread around the globe and have demonstrated responsible business leadership in their organizations. It continually strives to contribute its mite to the professional growth and management of innumerable organizations that serve the public good in a variety of sectors. 

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