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International Conference on Digitization & Beyond


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Mumbai: International conference at Russell Square International College created a huge awakening in people from different sectors about digitization, how it has impacted the society and lives of all in every sector today. The age today is called the digital age & the society itself has been a witness of the changing trends. From the black and white tv channel where there were only limited tv shows till today where we have more than 100 channels each with different varieties of tv shows that are broadcasted throughout day. With so many options available today, one can keep surfing channels and this explains the multiple offerings in the media sector alone. Similarly other sector like Health Care, Science, IT, have also been touched by the digital way by some or the other form, thus facilitating producers and making life easier.

On the occasion of organizing this conference at the Russell square International College Dignitaries like Dr. Naresh Chandra- Pro Vice-Chancellor, (University of Mumbai), Dr Kumar Ketkar (Senior Journalist), Dr Mohan Khedkar (Vice Chancellor of Amravati University), Dr Keith Sharp, (Director of UOL programmes at LSE), Dr. Pradeep Sarda (Chairman), Mr Ravi Goena (Vice- Chairman), and Dr. Sheela Nabar (Principal and Academic Director) were delighted with the entire event.

Dr. Ranjan Welukar, Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai said, “Digitization is an instrument for the national development. It is very useful for the common people to take up search work for practice use so that comman masses get the benefit rather than of Esoteric” He also mentioned on 4 E’s – E storm of the IT World, Emerging technology, Erace budgets, Enhanced Padagogy” Mr. Keith Shah, Director of UOL programmes at LSE– “Social Implications on Society”

Dr. Sheela Nabar, Principal of Russell Square International College and Academic Director said “We all live in a digitized world but how many of us actually realize the impact of digitalization on our day to day lives is important to know and hence we thought of organizing this conference getting together personalities from various sectors, so as to provide common platform to share & discuss how digitization has touched each & every today. We are very happy with the response and will be planning to do many more in the coming future.”

Inspired by the University of London International program spanning over 70 countries all over 30,000 enrolled students where the course is delivered via internet through a system devised by them known as the virtual learning Environment, Russell Square International College took the initiative to bring eminent speakers from different disciplines and English to the audience with the impact and role of digitalization in their respective field be it medicine, law and order, social science technology management and advertising and the list goes on. We hope this would enlighten the students, researchers as well as academia.

The conference started at 9am in the morning with the introduction of Dr. Welukar, Dr. Keith Sharp, Mr. Kumar Ketkar, Dr. Naresh Chandra, Dr. Mohan Khedkar, Dr. Rupa Shah, Mr. Ashok Saraf, Mr. Prashant Mehta. Followed by that there was a theme based parallel sessions - which included sessions on science, health and technology, human development & social sciences, law & medicine, management, media, finance and administration, education, library & earth sciences.

The evening ended by the cultural event with sitar performance by THE STRING THEORY” (Sonal & Simrit)

Russell Square International College (RSIC), established in August 2004 by promoters of Ecole Mondiale World School is an educational institute with a difference. It nurtures future global leaders by imparting knowledge, skills, and building attitudes among students to face the world in fresh, energetic, and positive working environment. The college offers an opportunity and the challenges to the students to become successful global responsible citizens.

RSIC is one of a handful of institutions worldwide that have Affiliate Centre status for the University of London, International Programmes. Having Affiliate Centre status means that in the considered view of the University of London RSIC has demonstrated a sustained commitment to high standards in respect of the teaching, support and administration of University of London International Programmes students.

We have been formally given "Permission to Teach" the Diploma in Economics and the Diploma in Social Sciences by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). After successfully completing the Diploma students can continue can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in two years through the University of London InternationalProgrammes at RSIC. Should one wish it is possible to transfer to a British University for the next two years, provided one meets the entry requirements of the concerned University. RSIC offers the Degree courses of the University of London International Programmes in the areas of Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Management and Social Sciences.

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