Saturday, 10 August 2013 Launches a Collaborative Lead Exchange Platform for Technology Marketers

IT Sales Professionals to benefit by reduced cost for sourcing new and qualified leads

Generating more and high quality incoming leads is one of the biggest challenges for technology marketers today. is launched in view to provide a unique social selling platform across all technological circuit for mutual business benefits. Through this platform technology sellers across the industry can share their ‘extra’ business leads that are relevant but cannot be addressed by their company.

While there is an increasing need for demand-generation tools for businesses across genres, the online lead generation industry still remains at its infancy in India.

“In SalesPanda we have formalized the well-worn practice of sharing information amongst sellers by putting a metrics driven incentive process. Sellers are closest to the customer and they have the most up-to-date information. We are just facilitating sharing and partnering between sellers to benefit everyone involved”says Samit Arora, Founder Director, SalesPanda

It’s a radical new way of sales automation. It’s collaborative, productive and social. currently offers its services free for all technological sales and marketing professionals who earn credit points by uploading information. The back-end quality team of the SalesPanda verifies the genuineness of every lead and then publishes on its cloud platform. Members also get free goodies like movie tickets, dining and shopping vouchers for uploading leads. Credits can be used to download CXO contacts and leads of one’s interest.

Going forward, SalesPanda will extend its platform to collaboration amongst businesses for partnerships. These partnerships can be strategic like appointing business partners or tactical like co-bidding on client projects. As the SalesPanda team says, “Be a SalesPanda. Sell Socially, Simplify your life” is a social lead exchange platform for B2B Sales. It allows multiple sellers and marketers across the industry to collaborate and optimize on their efforts by uploading leads, contacts and customer information.

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