Saturday, 18 May 2013

MSPL Limited's Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine Resumes Mining

MSPL Limited's flagship open cast iron ore mine Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine (VIOM) (ML No.2416), resumes mining after getting permission from the Director of Mines and Geology, Government of Karnataka.

The mine had stopped its operations since January 2009. The mine is one of the largest iron ore mine in the private sector with an area of 347.22 hectare, near Hospet with an annual production sanction of 0.91 million tonnes per annum. 

The resumption of mine with immediate effect follows several orders from the Hon'ble Supreme Court and after satisfactory completion of Reclamation and Rehabilitation (R&R) works prescribed by the Monitoring Committee.

The VIOM is a highly mechanized mine with a record of safe and scientific mining since 1962. In spite of the recent ban on mining operations, the company had maintained its employees.

Reacting to the development of resumption of mine, Mr. Narendrakumar A. Baldota, Chairman and Managing Director, MSPL Limited said, "The resumption of Vyasanakere Iron Ore Mine is very good news for us. We have been waiting for this day and have been doing systematic and scientific mining and will continue do the same with a high concern on environment and safety. This will bring back prosperity to the region and improve employee and society well being."

MSPL Limited, a flagship Company of Baldota Group of Companies, is one of India's leading iron ore mining companies and holds the distinction of being one of the country's largest producers of wind power. It is also active in industrial gases, shipping, steel, chemicals, diamond and gold mining.

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