Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tekla’s newest version of building information modeling software is here

Tekla Structures 19 is here – welcome better workflow for all materials

Tekla’s newest version of the building information modeling software, Tekla Structures helps construction companies to take advantage of the constant changes in the industry.

Visibility is clarity. Weld Visualization in Tekla Structures 19 shows the welds directly in the model - no need to interpret additional dialogues. Section View Creation in the drawings is visually guided. Curved shapes become smoother, and as the software interfaces to fabrication machinery, these shapes can be fabricated equally smooth.

With Model Organizer, Tekla users can classify and structure models by submittals, lots or sequencing. And there is a tool to get the tons and volumes quickly for parts, groups, phases and sequences.

“We want to help the construction industry to change the bottom line for the better, regardless the materials they use,” says Tekla’s Executive Vice President, Deputy CEO and GM of Trimble Buildings Structures Division Risto Räty and continues:“Better planning and estimating, understanding what you are doing and minimizing errors with Tekla definitely are competition assets.”

For those who work with concrete, Tekla Structures 19 provides new opportunities. The Cast in Place concrete functions of the software provide concrete builders and designers with the tools they need to model, plan and pour accurately. To make the information flow through the projects, Tekla Structures 19 contains both new and improved links directly to fabrication and other software. Complex shapes such as spiral rebar export nicely to IFC to be used by other project parties.
And now help is closer: Tekla User Assistance, a new interactive online help and self-support service, is just a click away.  This is a great addition into the tool set that helps any Tekla user become a more advanced professional of BIM and the construction trade. 

Tekla Structures BIM software, launched in 2004, is the preferred tool  of  construction professionals around the world to model, detail, fabricate and build many of the buildings, bridges, sports complexes, and other structures that surround us. It works seamlessly with Tekla BIMsight, the free tool for construction project collaboration.

See for information and download. For further download of images please  check link:

Tekla drives the evolution of digital information models and provides competitive advantage to the construction and infrastructure industry. The company was established in 1966, and today it has customers in 100 countries, offices in 15 countries, and a global partner network. Tekla became part of Trimble Buildings Group in 2011.

(complex plate)Express complex geometry with multiple parts and combine these to a single part for reporting and drawings. Fold and unfold, and if the plate is flat, it can produce a DSTV output.

In a construction project, insight is a vital asset, and Tekla now offers features that make understanding the job easier and reduce risks.
The new version is available at

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