Wednesday, 20 March 2013

India’s First ‘Secure’ Range of Tablet PCs

Swipe Telecom to Offer India’s First ‘Secure’ Range of Tablet PCs
-To offer complete gamut of security features powered by Quick Heal Mobile Security
-Includes the Anti-Theft feature that helps you locate Fablet/Tablet
New Delhi 
California based Swipe Telecom, a leading innovator in the Tablet industry in India, today announced that they will be offering ‘complete security’ in Swipe’s Tablet PC’s, pre- embedded with Quick Heal Mobile Security (QHMS) solution. QHMS is a simpler, faster and powerful security solution by Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading security software solutions provider. Swipe Telecom takes another step to help customers through this initiative which will see a security feature Pre-installed in Tablet PC for the first time in India, offered by Swipe Telecom’s Tablet PC range. Quick Heal Mobile Security (QHMS) is available with a “Free Subscription” of Two months and can also be downloaded from the Swipe App Store.
Android being an Open platform is susceptible to many external threats like viruses, hackers etc. Thus it becomes crucial to protect your Tablet PCs. QHMS is an easy-to-use mobile security solution with numerous features that help keep your device protected from viruses. The initiative will support Swipe Telecom’s efforts in making its devices safe and secure as users are becoming wary of the potential data threat their Tablet PCs face in the current scenario; as the world converges towards mobile internet and m-commerce.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Swipe Telecom said“In 2013, users are expected to carry out more financial transactions through their android devices, thus increasing the risk factor of malicious attacks. However, only a fraction of 6-8% of tablets and fablets are protected by security software, despite a rise in the amount of malware targeted at mobile devices. With a visible upward trend in m- payments and m-commerce in India we at Swipe Telecom are sensitive to the situation and hence are offering security solutions to all our users. In the future, we hope to keep the momentum going and constantly innovate and offer value added solutions to all our users.”
For these reasons, the applications deployed there must guarantee privacy and integrity of the information they handle. In addition, since some apps could themselves be malware, their functionality and activities should be limited.
This security solution offered includes a host of features. The Anti-Theft feature helps lock your fablet and tablet, secure confidential data, and locate your device in case it gets lost or stolen. The automatic real-time virus and spyware scan comes with optional manual scan for installed applications. The SMS and Call block features allow you to effectively control spam messages and create a Black list to keep a check over unwanted SMSs and calls. It is also an effective and smart way of preventing your Inbox from getting crowded with pop-up messages or advertisements.
Speaking on this, Mr. Abhijit Jorvekar, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Quick Heal Technologies said, “Mobile devices are individual-centric technologies that have gradually become an indispensable and important part of our lives. Our research and development is aimed at addressing the security concerns of users considering the amount of data that a mobile device can carry. Quick Heal Mobile Security is again a very simple, easy to use, yet powerful solution for safeguarding mobile devices. This association with Swipe Telecom is an excellent opportunity to turn heads and achieve critical market space by bringing two technology innovators together to provide easily accessible and trustworthy solutions.”
Quick Heal Mobile Security is compatible with all Swipe Tablet PCs and Fablets. This Pre-installed Quick Heal Mobile Security will definitely make your experience with Swipe Tablet PCs secure and smooth.
Note: Swipe Halo Telecom Tablets are available on all top online portals as well as at Swipe Telecom’s or call 1800-1038-038 to book it.

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