Monday, 4 February 2013

Talenthouse India's upcoming Crowdsourcing Week

Talenthouse India partners with First Global Conference on Crowdsourcing

Represents India for Crowdsourcing Week
to be held in Singapore June 3-7, 2013

National, February 4, 2013: Talenthouse India, part of Reliance Entertainment Pvt Ltd, India’s biggest company in creative crowdsourcing partners with Crowdsourcing Week (CSW) for its first ever global conference.  The international conference is a 5-day curated event designed to focus on how “a crowd of people" can make outstanding contributions at the enterprise level, through a collaborative business model.

By using new Internet technologies and social media, this new business paradigm is changing the way we invent, build and market products and ideas. Right from its inception, Crowdsourcing Week has the support of pioneers in the global crowdsourcing sphere, who share the vision for innovation without boundaries - 99designs, Razoo, ImageBrief, Chaordix, Zooppa, eYeka, Local Motors, amongst others. The initial speaker line-up is an impressive list of prominent voices - thinkers and entrepreneurs in open innovation.

Present at the conference will be leaders from the crowdsourcing industry from all over the globe. Mr. Arun Mehra, CEO, Talenthouse India will be highlighting the emergence of Crowdsourcing in India and its growth in the music and film genres. Talenthouse India will also be launching a Creative Invite shortly asking musicians, composers, etc to create a theme track for CSW.

Adding Epirot Ludvik Nekaj, CEO and Co-founder of Crowdsourcing Week says, Crowdsourcing is rapidly expanding as a disruptive practice in the working world and we see more and more companies trying to utilize the huge potential. The democratized web promises to become the next revolution that will change business as usual. 

Mr. Arun Mehra, CEO, Talenthouse India says, “Crowdsourcing is a major innovation among brands globally; but is stillin its nascent stage in India. It is what e-commerce was 5 years back. We are experiencing a surge in the idea of Crowdsourcing in South East Asia,thereforewitnessing the first global conference in Singapore and as pioneers in India, we are extremely proud to be partnering the event.”

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About Talenthouse India:
Talenthouse is an international platform that provides emerging talents and aspiring performers, artists and creative individuals with opportunities to work with leading artists and brands. Talenthouse has been associated with globally renowned artists like Metallica, U2, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Pink, Rod Stewart, Kylie Minogue, Anita Dongre, VidhuVinod Chopra, Rocky S and big brands like Pepsi, Airtel, Micromax, AXE, Kurkure, Tropicana, Nerolac, etc. It is the only platform to boast of over 3,00,000 artists and a 40-member outreach across the globe.

Talenthouse India, a part of Reliance Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., based in Mumbai will oversee growth and business in India and Southeast Asia. It will focus on nurturing fresh and creative talent in the country and provide opportunities for collaboration at an international level as well.  Talenthouse will connect with artists across film, fashion, music, photography & art on collaborative projects.

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About Crowdsourcing Week:
Crowdsourcing Week’s commitment is to educate decision makers on the power of the open innovation ecosystem and the positive impact it can have on the brand and its stakeholders. We endeavor to provide a multilayer platform for global innovators in crowdsourcing and to educate enterprise level executives, entrepreneurs and financiers in the best practices of these emerging business models.

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